Expert reveals the shaving mistakes people ALWAYS make – so how many are YOU guilty of?

HAVE you ever given much thought to how you shave your body hair? If not, perhaps now you should, because, according to an expert, we're doing it all wrong.

As it turns out most of us don't change the razor blade nearly as often as we should and prepping the skin is absolutely vital – but what does that even mean?

A recent study with 2,000 women revealed that 76% of women prioritise their facial skin – often spending half an hour a week looking after it – while fewer than five minutes is spent on the rest of their body.

What's more, more than a quarter (28%) also spend at least £20 a month on beauty products for their face, compared with just 7% spending the same amount pampering their legs.

But Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe, cosmetic and medical doctor and ambassador for Venus, which commissioned the research reckons the obvious neglect is wreaking havoc on our skin – and it's a mistake most of us are guilty of.

She said: "There’s lots of misconceptions around shaving and still a lack of awareness of hair removal dos and don’ts.

The shaving mistakes people often make

  1. Not replacing razor blades often: More than a third of women (38%) don’t know that you should replace your razor blades on a regular basis to ensure a close and smooth shave for your skin.
  2. Not understanding the exfoliation benefits of a razor: 86% of women don’t realise that shaving can actually help exfoliate the skin.
  3. Believing myths around hair growing back thicker and faster: Almost a third of women falsely believe that shaving causes hair to grow back thicker, faster and darker.
  4. Not using shaving cream: 71% of women believe soap and water work just as well as shaving cream, which actually has many skin benefits.
  5. Not shaving often enough: Almost a third (30%) wrongly believe that shaving every day is bad for your skin.

“A startling amount of us aren’t changing our blades as regularly as we should be, and this can create the perfect storm for irritated skin and patchy hair removal."

She also said many of us are "selecting the wrong kind of razors", not to mention "ignoring the all-important pre and post shaving products."

The research also showed that 71% of people are aware of the link between dray and irritated skin, however, only 16% regularly replace their razor blades.

What's more, almost half don't use pre and post shaving products which are designed to help look after the skin.

It seems people would rather buy a moisturiser for their afce than spend coin on a new razor.

And nearly a quarter will only change their razor blade, or disposable razor every few months.

Meanwhile,despite 61% of women experiencing dry or irritated skin after they shave, a third don’t choose a razor based on their skin care needs.

Olivia Hughes from Venus said: "It’s clear there are still lots of myths when it comes to the relationship between our skin and our hair removal routines, many of which can be addressed simply by choosing a razor that’s right for your skin’s individual needs.

“Just like we tailor care for our faces, we can also very simply do the same for our legs, underarms, toes or stomachs as part of existing routines – what’s important is feeling confident and comfortable in your skin, however you choose to care for it.”

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