Exhausted mum hails £9.99 pillow spray as ‘magic’ after it helps her teething toddler sleep for eight hours – The Sun

A MUM has praised a £9.99 pillow spray as ‘magic’ after it finally helped her teething toddler get a full night’s sleep.

New mum Chloe Bashford, 26, was severely sleep deprived after her six-month-old, Joshua, screamed every 10 minutes due to his teeth.

Mum-of-four Chloe, from Newhaven, East Sussex, was “at her wits end” after her son was awake for most of the night.

She said: “Joshua was premature so he has always been quite a needy baby, who always wanted holding.

"I was constantly up in the night with him and it made bedtime really stressful and unenjoyable.

"He is teething, so he’s been extra clingy recently. He would scream every 10 to 15 minutes and I would be up and down all night without fail comforting him.

“My husband Josh works nights, so to settle all four children on my own was a task in itself, and I’d spend over an hour every night trying to appease everyone.

"I really was at my wits end.”

As the sleep-deprived mum desperately searched for solutions, the Very Hungry Caterpillar packaging caught her eye.

Chloe, a former maternity ward photographer, hailed the £9.99 spray for allowing Joshua sleep from 9pm to 5am.

She called the spray, made with Sicilian lavender, ylang ylang, jasmine, amber and mandarin, a ‘magic potion’.

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Chloe said: “He nods off almost instantly, sleeping through from 9pm for eight hours every single night I've used it.

“My new routine is working wonders – I feed him, give a baby massage, pop him in his pyjamas and then use the pillow spray five to 10 minutes before bed and slowly settle him down for the night.”

After seeing its success, Chloe bought some for her other children, Brooklyn, 12, Ava-Lily, eight, and Mila, five, who are now all sleeping soundly.

And she even bought an adult version for her husband, Josh, 29, who works night as an account manager, who also gets to sleep instantly after using it – after not believing the spray worked.

Chloe said: “My husband didn't believe me until I started sending him pictures of Joshua fast asleep and now we've bought one for our bed and our other three children.

“Before using the spray, I had no time for myself both during the day and in the evening.

“Now Joshua is falling asleep at 9pm, I have time to do face masks and paint my nails.

"I can spend time with my other children in the evening too and it finally means that when Josh has nights off we get some time to ourselves.

“I’m in a much better place mentally, and have been enjoying TV series, reading to the girls and I’m generally content knowing I can get in bed and have a good night’s sleep.

"The household is a much brighter place!”

Christina Moss and Julia Yule, co-founders of Bloom and Blossom, added: “With five children between us, we know the trials and tribulations of settling into a bedtime routine all too well, and we’re delighted that Chloe has found a solution with our pillow spray.”

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