Everyone is always wowed by my wooden kitchen counters – they can never believe what they are really made of | The Sun

A DIY fan has shared how she was able to get wood-like kitchen worktops without breaking the bank. 

Instead of splashing the cash on wooden worktop the DIY chose to install vinyl work tops which look just like wood. 

The DIY fan shared a time lapsed TikTok video of her applying the vinyl to her kitchen.

A TikTok user asked: “Love the wood counters that's not a butcher block is it? Curious what the material is.”

Mel said: “It's not even wood it is vinyl."

She said: “It's called rib oak, it's a DC fix vinyl and I got it from Create Your World.”

“You can buy it online Amazon or via their website."

She added: “You can get the DC fix vinyl from loads of places. It's really really cool stuff.”

The DIY fan explained the DC fix is durable and super easy to apply and remove.

Mel confessed this was the second time she was applying as her previous one has been ruined. 

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She said: “It's super durable, I'm actually replacing this after two and a half years because it got scratched.”

“It comes off easy with heat from hairdryer (I took it off before putting this replacement on).”


Mel added: “But yeah it looks super authentic, I absolutely love it.”

An the best part is it will only set you back about £30. 

The DIY fans video racked up over 714,000. 

People were very impressed by Mel’s work but some people confessed they were still apprehensive.

One user said: “You made this look so easy!!! I tried and had about 20 meltdowns.”

Another said: “I'm so tempted to try this but I know I'll ruin it in days.”

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“Great job !!! Does look really authentic. Well done,” a third added. 

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