Embarrassing moment mum reads the filthy text her daughter-in-law sent to her son – and labels it ‘so gross’

THIS is the cringeworthy moment a mum read the filthy text her daughter-in-law sent her son.

Cheeky Anna Mellor, 25, had decided to make husband Rory squirm by firing off a cheeky text and filming his reaction as he sat next to his mum Maurie, 51. 

The video was taken during a family card game, with Anna determined to get her partner hot under the collar. 

However, the saucy prank didn’t quite go according to plan, as the rude text was intercepted.

As the message alert beeped, Rory’s mum was quick to pick up the phone instead. 

To Anna’s horror, her mum-in-law read the message in full, and Anna could be heard saying “Wait, wait, no.. oh no.”

The mum was seen opening her mouth in shock, before putting it down and giving her son a very disapproving stare. 

Rory then grabs the phone and takes a look for himself – his eyes widening when he sees the explicit content. 

He asks in panic: “Did you read that?!"

"I thought it was my phone," she responds, adding: "That is so gross!"

The son clearly found the funny side of the awkward incident, as he bursts out laughing on camera. 

Meanwhile Maurie clearly did not see the funny side of the blunder.

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