Desperate mum-of-six sick of how much her kids eat divides opinion by CHAINING her food cupboards shut

WHEN you’ve got lots of kids, it can be hard to stop them eating through all the food at home when you aren’t looking.

But a savvy mum-of-six has come up with some very clever ways she prevents this happening. 

TikTok mum Dina Louann, who is currently pregnant with her sixth child, shared her top tips, including chaining the doors to her cupboards shut. 

Posting under @dinalouann_5kids, she wrote: “The lengths I have to go to so my kids don’t eat me out the house every day ‘snacks’ they have 3 meals a day also.”

Dina demonstrated how the chains and padlocks stop anyone from accessing the food inside so she can keep her supplies in tact. 

To stave off any hunger, her next tip was to make a “snack station”.

The creative mum showed how she bought a storage unit with drawers for each of her five kids, Lacey, Levi, Lennox, Lowen and Lior.

On each drawer, each child has food for the day to munch alongside their meals. 

Snacks included fruit, a salami stick, a water bottle drink, Dairylea Dunkers and some sweets. 

Her video has racked up 1.2million views and many people praised her hacks as it has racked up over 35,000 likes.

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