Dad claims lipstick should be banned from business meetings because it ‘simulates sexual arousal’ – The Sun

A DAD has been blasted after saying women shouldn't wear lipstick in business meetings – because it "simulates sexual arousal".

Most of us wouldn't think twice about slapping on make-up before work, but Stefan Molyneux has bizarre compared lippy to "a giant artificial boner".

Posting on Twitter, the controversial Freedomain radio host said: "So strange. Do you know that female lipstick simulates sexual arousal?

"Can you imagine a man showing up for a business meeting with a giant artificial boner straining at his pants?

"Yet lipstick is perfectly acceptable in the business world."

Stefan, 52, backed up his argument with scientific research, which says: "Red lips have been considered attractive in women… possibly because they mimic vasodilation associated with sexual arousal.

But both men and women have reacted with anger – and confusion – at the bizarre suggestion lipstick is unprofessional.

One woman said: "Are you projecting your own lack of control around women? It sure sounds like it."

While a second wrote: "He just sounds like a horny dingbat to me."

And a third hit back: "Don't forget, the devil wears eyeliner. I am absolutely going all out on some lashes tomorrow."

One man replied: "To be fair, a tie can be classified as a sexual display also. It's like a giant arrow pointing to the crotch."

While another said of Stefan: "This guy is the equivalent of the Dark Ages and I need a good laugh."

And a third wrote: "You are such an odd duck. For the life of me I can't figure out your end game."

One woman asked: "Did you know that the color red enhances a man’s attractiveness? Let’s ban red ties, red cars, red socks.

"F*** the colour red. In fact, financial success has been known to stimulate female arousel.

"Break all your watches, take the bus to work, foreclose your homes so we can cope."

While another mocked: "Are you advocating for women to not have to wear makeup to function in society cuz hell yeah man you a feminist bro.

"Also lemme know where I can get me some male lipstick".

Stefan was previously slammed by women for telling them to have kids before they’re 30 because after that ‘90% of your eggs are dead’.

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