Couple mortified after having sex in a hotel room… then being informed by staff windows AREN’T tinted like they thought

A COUPLE were left mortified after having sex in a hotel room, only to discover that the windows weren’t tinted like they thought.

Rebekka Mccabe shared a “short story of a night at a hotel” with her TikTok followers where she divulged the embarrassing events from her stay.

In the video, Rebekka’s partner can be heard receiving a phone call from reception, whom he issues with an apology.

“What did they say? Did someone complain?!” Rebekka asks, “Hold on, no no no.”

Her boyfriend replies: “People have said from the hotel across the room, you two need to cover your modesty.

“They (the receptionist) said ‘I don’t care what you do but the glass is not privacy protected’”

“You said it was!” Rebekka screams.

Captioning her post, the red-faced romper added: “Word to the wise, a very popular hotel in Glasgow DOES NOT have tinted windows.”

The video, which was uploaded yesterday, has already received almost 500,000 views and hundreds of comments from followers who were left in hysterics over the story.

One wrote: “Omg, I’d be mortified!”

“Someone always has to ruin it,” joked another, while a third wrote, “New fear unlocked omg.”

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