‘Consistently sexy’ Princess Charlene has ‘never worn a bad outfit’

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Charlene, Princess of Monaco, 44, always looks extremely elegant and sophisticated whenever she makes a public appearance. One brand which she loves to wear frequently is the Swiss brand Akris, and a style expert spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to explain why.

Akris is a Swiss fashion house specialising in luxury goods for women designed by creative director Albert Kriemler. Charlene has attended their fashion shows, even becoming a dear friend of Mr Kriemler in the process.

Princess Charlene attended the Akris 100th-anniversary show during Paris Fashion Week. She has been photographed with Albert Kriemler on many occasions.

She previously posted a picture on Instagram with the caption: “Thank you Albert for a wonderful evening and congratulations on 100 years of perfection”.

The owner of Chic Happens boutique, Claire Robinson, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to explain why Princess Charlene turns to this brand of clothing so frequently.

She said: “Princess Charlene is undoubtedly a huge supporter and fan of Akris. She loves wearing their clothes and despite being quite a private royal, she has uncharacteristically publicly praised the Swiss Fashion House.

“It’s easy to understand why. Akris is a prestigious and truly authentic third-generation family-owned business.

“A rare gem in an industry where so many great fashion houses have been bought by huge corporate entities,” the expert noted.

According to Claire, Akris is a brand that has “true soul” due to its identity, which is why Charlene gravitates towards the designer label.

She opined: “It’s a fashion house with a true soul, vision and a three-generation inspired identity. Princess Charlene has such a beautiful and individual sense of style and Akris’s signature way of embodying effortless modernity reflects her individually elegant yet edgy style.

“Princess Charlene has a unique and enduring style. She is consistently elegant and sexy, which is a hard balance to strike.”

According to Claire, there are two types of dresses that she often opts for to achieve perfection with her style, which is complemented by her “signature blonde pixie cut”.

She claimed: “Charlene often opts for shoulder-baring dresses, body-hugging gowns, and she always maintains an edgy Princess vibe with her signature blonde pixie cut.”

Princess Charlene’s chic and sophisticated style has often been compared to Meghan Markle and Princess Diana, and Claire explained whether or not Charlene takes inspiration from either royal.

Claire explained: “Charlene certainly emulates so much of Princess Diana’s style. Yet, she is definitely a style icon in her own right.

“In the 11 years since she’s been a Princess, Charlene has never worn a bad outfit. She knows her own style and nails it every time.”

Just recently on November 16, the royal Princess wore a gorgeous maxi dress from her favourite brand, Akris, to distribute Christmas gifts outside the Palace of Monaco.

Charlene opted for the “Wool Mousseline Maxi Dress” in the colour “gallus green”, which she completed with a thin black belt around her waist from the same brand which she has owned since 2011.

The floor-length, long-sleeved gown sells for a whopping £1,968 and looked fabulous on Princess Charlene.

The description for the gown says: “This Akris maxi dress is crafted in light wool mousseline with stitched front pleats that flow into fringes.

“It features a shirt collar, covered button placket, and long sleeves for an elegant look that is perfect for the colder days of the year.”

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