clothsurgeon Turns Fifty Nike Waist Bands Into Two-Piece Capsule

After recently turning a nineties Prada backpack into a bomber jacket, London-based bespoke brand clothsurgeon returns with the latest installment of its “RECONSTRUCTED PROJECT” a two-piece jacket and vest release, crafted from sweat pant waist bands.

Utilising left over waist bands from over fifty pairs of Nike Fundamental Sweat Pants that had been used for other clothsurgeon projects, the brand has been able to minimise waste to create two one-off garments.

Comprising a fully functional collared jacket with zips, side pockets and a chest pocket, alongside a utility style vest with accompanying zips and pockets, each piece is one of one.

This latest clothsurgeon release is available to purchase while stocks last from the brand’s online webstore.

In other news, Dickies Life has given its workwear pieces the “Hi-Vis” treatment.
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