Cleaning-mad mum reveals simple hack to get your whites sparkling in minutes – all you need is some vinegar

A CLEANING-mad mum has shared the ultimate laundry tip, and revealed the best way to get your white washing even whiter.

Carolina McCauley, from Perth, Australia doesn't use bleach or other whitening products, instead she relies on bicarbonate of soda, good quality laundry detergent, and white vinegar.

She also admits sunshine helps make whites whiter and colours brighter – but that's something the UK might struggle with at the moment.

The laundry method works on everything from clothes, sporting gear and white linen and towels – so it means less money spent on different cleaning products.

The hack must work too as even a professional cleaner revealed you should NEVER use bleach on clothes to make them whiter – as it actually makes them worse.

The cleaning guru shared the hack on both TikTok and Instagram saying "this is the ultimate white wash hack."

Explaining the process, she said: "Firstly, make sure your machine is spotless. Then, add half a cup of baking soda to the machine."

Next, Carolina said you should add your clothes, good quality detergent, and a bit of white vinegar "inside your rinse cycle section".

"Wash the clothes at the hottest temperature,'"Carolina added. "Then, dry your clothes in the sun."

Of course, on rainy days or moody weather you can skip the last stage, but definitely make use of the sun when itfinally appears.

Thousands of followers who saw Carolina's simple hack were seriously impressed and were pretty keen to try it themselves.

"I'm going to save this video for my husband's shirts," one woman posted.

While another said: "This works like a gem."

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