Cleaning fan reveals the hidden dirt lurking in radiators – and it’ll make you want to scrub yours immediately

A CLEANING fan revealed the amount of dirt lurking in her radiator – and it will make you want to immediately scrub yours. 

The woman, called Abbi, shared a clip to TikTok showing her white heater, which had covers along the top and the sides. 

She starts by removing all of these – which are covered in dust and debris – which she pops in the sink to soak. 

Abbi then films the clumps of dirt hiding in the gaps, which had accumulated over years. 

She grabs Mrs Hinch-approved tools for the job, including a Minky sponge, Fabulousa and a Sph2onge.

She then sprays down the covers to give them a proper clean, before turning her attention back to the radiator. 

Abbi starts her deep-clean by pouring hot water down the middle of the radiator – with a bucket underneath – which flushes out the dirt hiding in all the hard-to-reach places. 

But she makes sure to only pour a water down a small section at a time, ensuring she catches all the water – which is black with dirt. 

She wipes up all the dust and dirt behind, saying: “Omg so happy to finally get the radiator cover off look how dirty it was.”

Abbi explained the house was just a rental, and she was doing her best to clean it up, saying: “This house is about 15 years old we have lived her for three years rented out please don’t judge all I’m doing is trying to make our home a cleaner place.

“Took about an hour to do it all plus the cleaning everything afterwards. Worth it though.” 

Her clip has racked up more than 170,000 views as people claimed they immediately cleaned their radiators after watching. 

One person wrote: “Make me wanna do mine.” 

Another said: “Need to do this so bad.” 

A third commented: “Oh my god!! I had no idea I could do this! We moved into a house with these radiators a couple years ago and it’s been bugging me. Do I just pull it?

While this person added: “Omg I had to clean mine straight after this, thank you.”

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