Chinese Zodiac: What is the Fire Pig sign and what year is it?

IF you are curious about where your zodiac sign lies in Chinese astrology, it all depends on the year you were born. 

The Fire Pig represents those born 1947 and 2007.

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What year is the Fire Pig?

Chinese zodiac signs identify birth years with certain animals including the Rat, the Ox, the Tiger, the Rabbit, the Dragon, the Snake, the Horse, the Goat, the Monkey, the Rooster, the Dog and the Pig.

The Pig is the 12th and last animal in the 12-year cycle and is also given to those born in 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, and 2031.

It is a sub-component of the Pig in the Chinese zodiac. 

Each zodiac sign has its own element: Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal and Water, which add more uniqueness and characteristics to the sign.

Other years of the Pig

Pigs are known for their compassion, diligence, and generosity.

Some notable Fire Pigs are: Hillary Clinton, Elton John, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. 

Characteristics and personalities of the Fire Pig

Fire Pigs tend to live pretty inconsistent lives. 

They experience the highest highs and then take a blow to the rib cage that destabilizes everything and then they're up again – and so on and so forth. 

They’re not the most stable of characters. 

They’re too spontaneous for their own good and can be way too sensitive, sometimes combative if they don’t get their way. 

In spite of that, they’re absolutely gorgeous – with a heart so pure and genuine and honest you feel compelled to forgive him his foibles. 

They’ll worry, they’ll make mistakes, they’re practical and creative, he could make a million one year and lose the lot the next – one thing’s for sure, you’ll never be bored when a Fire Pig is in town.

Types of Pigs

Metal Pig: Gentle, broad-minded, frank, helpful, and responsible.

Earth Pig: Good at socializing, able to maintain interpersonal relations, a little bit suspicious.

Wood Pig: Simple, honest, easygoing, diligent but sometimes impetuous.

Fire Pig: Brave, act quickly, clever, owning great ambitions but less talkative.

Water Pig: Talented, ambitious, independent, serious, has good luck in wealth.


The Pig is most compatible with the Rabbit and the Goat. 

They are known as the people pleasers of the zodiac. 

The trio is often known as easy going, loving, but can be considered boring and cowardly.

The Rabbit can be detached, but the Goat is humble and civil.

The Pig is known as the most generous, sincere, and honorable of all the animals in the zodiac.

On the contrary, The Pig is least compatible with the Snake, Monkey, and Rooster. 

A relationship with these signs will raise suspicion and instability. 

The aggravating nature of the Snake, Monkey, and Rooster will create anxiety in the partnership because the Pig can be slow-witted and very good tempered.

It is important to note that these incompatibilities not only apply to love but also to friendships and other unions.

Other types of Zodiac animals combined with the Fire element

  • The Fire Ox
  • The Fire Tiger
  • The Fire Horse
  • The Fire Dragon
  • The Fire Snake
  • The Fire Rooster
  • The Fire Rabbit
  • The Fire Monkey
  • The Fire Rat
  • The Fire Goat
  • The Fire Dog

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