Chef makes 'poor man's' curry in just 15 minutes – but its the ingredients which leaves people divided | The Sun

EASY and cheap meals are a go-to for most families – especially during the cost of living crisis.

But one person's 'poor man's' Katsu curry recipe using chicken nuggets has caused a stir online.

Sharing the recipe to the Facebook group,  Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, the anonymous person showed off their budget-friendly meal.

Using Tesco own-brand chicken nuggets, white rice and Mayflower curry sauce mix, they whipped up a simple dinner in just 15 minutes.

But the post was inundated with hundreds of comments and over 2,000 likes from fellow bargain hunters, some impressed with the recipe and others, not so much.

Responding to the flurry of comments the poster penned: "Thank you for all the positive comments, I’m not getting into an argument over what’s Katsu and what’s not, the curry sauce is Chinese not Japanese nor did I slave away to an authentic traditional recipe…took 15 minutes and the whole thing cost just over £3 plenty of sauce and rice left for another 2/3 teas.

"Just like a coco rice is not a coco pop. Times are tough and we had a tasty tea…like I said “poor man’s.”

"Simply a cheap meal."

The post left people divided, while many said it was a great easy recipe, other's thought the meal could have looked more appealing.

One person wrote: "I feel attacked."

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Another commented: "That's not Katsu lol."

"Looks good to me," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Mate a meal is a meal at the end of the day… anyone who wants to judge you can sit on a cactus."

"Nothing wrong with that,” claimed a fifth.

Someone else added: "That's a great idea."

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