Camilla forced to make ‘quick outfit change’ in time for the Queen during Platinum Jubilee

Camilla ensures she doesn't clash clothes with the Queen

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Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall’s outfits are noticed everywhere she goes. Every minute detail of a royal’s outfit is dissected for hidden meanings and symbolism. During the Platinum Jubilee, this was no different.

All the Royal Family were out making amazing fashion moments during the bank holiday weekend.

During the ITV documentary Camilla’s Country Life, the narrator admitted that Camilla had to make a “quick outfit change” during the jubilee weekend.

The narrator said: “The Duchess is off for another quick outfit change so as not to clash with the Queen.”

This was during the Platinum Jubilee Pageant on the bank holiday weekend’s final day, on Sunday, June 5.

The Queen did not appear during the pageant, however, made a showstopping appearance on the Buckingham Palace balcony at the very end.

She stood beside the Duchess of Cornwall, as well as Kate Middleton and her family.

For this event, Her Majesty chose a bright monochrome green outfit, paired with a matching hat.

The bright green long jacket had gold buttons and a high neckline.

However, earlier in the day, Camilla attended the Big Jubilee Lunch at The Oval wearing a very similar green dress.

Camilla chose her knee-length green dress by Fiona Clare.

The dress had embroidered detailing down the front middle of the clothing item.

By the time she was at the pageant and on the Buckingham Palace balcony, she was wearing a white coat dress lined with black material.

The Duchess of Cornwall chose a very stylish white ensemble consisting of a long tweed jacket and a black and white dress underneath.

The white jacket featured an embroidered black detail around the neckline.

Therefore, Camilla must have known the Queen was planning to appear on the balcony later on in the day wearing green.

This perhaps forced the Duchess to quickly change her outfit.

This also goes to show that Her Majesty must get the first choice on the colours she wears and the other royals must accommodate her.

Kate Middleton was also on the balcony wearing a fuchsia Stella McCartney gown.

The Duchess of Cambridge evidently chose a colour which was completely different from both the Queen and Camilla’s outfits.

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