Bride left raging after wedding photographer crops out her FACE in 'cheap' picture album

EVERY bride dreams of throwing the perfect wedding – from the designer dress right down to the Instagram-worthy centrepieces.

But when you've got bridesmaid dresses, catering costs and much MUCH more to consider, something usually has to give.

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That said, one woman has learnt the hard way that a photographer is worth splashing out on – after her cheap yet inexperienced one accidentally cropped out her FACE in the wedding album.

Submitting the horrendous picture to the Instagram page Awkward Family Photos, the bride wrote: "I was cleaning out a closet and came across our wedding album, now I remember why I never look at it."

In what would have been a sweet photo, the beaming couple are standing at the aisle with their bridesmaids and groomsmen at either side.

But when printed on a double page spread, the bride (who is arguably the most important person there) falls right over the spine of the album – meaning you can hardly see her face at all.

Urging others not to repeat her mistake, she added: "Don’t skimp on your wedding photographer!"

The post has racked up over 13,000 "likes" and left followers in hysterics.

"Forget about the bride…it’s not her day," one joked. "She’s not important."

Another added: "12 out of 13 people agree….the pictures turned out great!"

A third wrote: "Next time, less bridal party more photographers!"

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