Bride bucks tradition to ask everyone to wear white to her wedding as she didn’t want the day to be ‘all about her’ – The Sun

IT'S an age old tradition for guests not to wear white to a wedding, but one bride has revealed why she turned her back to the rules and asked for all her attendees to wear the coveted colour.

Mother-of-three Christine Ghrayche, from New South Wales, Australia, wanted to ensure the wedding day wasn't just about her, even ensuring the entire bridal party was dressed in white.

The 30-year-old admits that she had always wanted everyone to wear white and with her husband Luke Durham, 32, happy with the idea, she ran with the theme.

She told the Mail Online: "Being an interior designer and creative I've never been one to stay inside the box. The whole theme was white. I wanted to make the day about us all, not just me."

Christine and Luke met on dating app Plenty Of Fish and while there weren't firework straight away, with the bride ignoring his initial attempts at contact, their first date went swimmingly.

Lasting all day, the date that sealed the deal consisted of going for brunch at a coffee spot before bowling and then dinner at a fancy restaurant.

The pair had been together for four years and Christine was eight months pregnant with their third child when Luke got down on one knee.

And while she was not always keen on white, as she even considered picking a soft blue gown, she eventually had her heart set on having everyone wear white.

"Many guests were shocked by the dress code," she explained. "Luke had to field questions from a lot of his mates that weren't fashion savvy and my family has a good whinge but once it sank in, it was fine."

Despite the choice to have everyone turn up in the colour, she notes the dress code had been 'normal' and someone wore white, it would have been 'a different story'.

The happy couple held their big day outdoors under a large tree before moving to a barn for their reception, which featured Australian and Lebanese food as a nod to their family backgrounds.

In total, Christine and Luke spent £31,860 and had 90 of their closest friends and family attend.

Christine tracked where they were spending every pound during the 18-month planning process, which gave them time to enjoy their new baby and avoid going into debt.

The photographs from the big day certainly prove that an all-white wedding can look tasteful – even with variations of cream and ivory to keep the wedding party looking elegant and fresh.

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