‘Botox boob job’ promises to boost your bust by a cup size and banish wrinkles – but it will cost you £1,000

Botox for boobs, known as Breastox, promises to boost your cup size and banish wrinkles – and you can get it done in your lunch break.

The procedures cost £1,000, compared to the average £3,500-£7,000 for implants here in Britain, but experts recommend getting it topped up every six months.

Harley Street surgeon Dr Neetu Nirdosh even claims it's a must for his A-list clients – with Lauren Goodger admitting to having the procedure yesterday.

How does it compare to a regular boob job?


Boob Job: A surgical procedure, under general anaesthetic, which involes making an incision in the skin, positioning the implant and stitching it back up. Takes around 60-90 minutes, you may have to stay in hospital overnight.

Breast Botox: Injections which take less than half an hour.


Boob Job: £3,500-£7,000

Breast Botox: £1,000


Boob Job: 10 years

Breast Botox: Six months


Boob Job: One-two weeks off work and six weeks of rest from exercise

Breast Botox: Not needed


Boob Job: You get to choose the size and shape of implant

Breast Botox: Should boost you around a cup size

The procedure involves injecting Botox into the pectoral muscles, to relax them and allow the surrounding chest muscles to take the strain.

Your breasts should look lifted, higher and firmer as a result.

Unlike a surgical boob job, Breastox doesn't have a recovery time, or cause scars, and takes less than half an hour to perform.

Dr Nirdosh claims it's "virtually painless" and recommended for women whose boobs are affected by ageing, sagging, sun damage wrinkles or post-pregnancy dropping.

He added: "It is also good if you want a bit of extra support so you can go braless as many of my red carpet clients do."

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