Boots has 25% off large Yankee Candles and they’re already selling out – The Sun

NOW is the time to stock up on Christmas presents because Boots is offering 25 per cent off on large Yankee Candles.

The high-street giant has slashed the price of the must-have candles as part of its up to 50 per cent off sale.

  • Black Cherry Large Yankee Candle, was £23.99 now £17.99, Boots – buy now

From festive scents to floral notes, there's a huge selection on offer, although some are already selling out online.

While the Fresh Cut Roses candle has flown off the e-shelves, Shea Butter and Vanilla Lime are both on sale, reduced from £23.99 to £17.99.

There's also a Clean Cotton candle – which shoppers say smells like "freshly laundered sheets" and a Midsummers Night option up for grabs, too.

Shoppers are particularly impressed by the Black Cherry candle, with one Yankee fan saying they go through three a year while another called it a "first class product".

How to keep your Yankee Candle in tip top condition

  • Trim the wick – Keep your wick trimmed to 3-5mm at all times, even the first time. If any smoking should occur when burning, extinguish the flame, trim the wick, remove the trimmings, and relight the candle.
  • Let the wax pool – Each time you burn your candle, allow the entire top layer to become a fragrant pool of liquid wax and you’ll get the biggest, boldest scent possible.
  • Burn it safely – Always burn your candle on a heat resistant surface and suitable holder, keep it out of drafts, away from children and pets, and never leave it unattended while lit.
  • Know when to say goodbye – When only 1.5cm of wax remains, it’s time to let your candle go.

The Lemon Lavender scent is also popular, with one fan writing: "Smells great, not too over powering.

"I have used it many times and still look to have lots of hours left."

Will you be snapping up one of these mega deals? We know where we're going this weekend…

  • Shea Butter Large Yankee Candle, was £23.99 now £17.99, Boots – buy now

  • Lemon Lavender Large Yankee Candle, was £23.99 now £17.99, Boots – buy now

  • Vanilla Lime Large Yankee Candle, was £23.99 now £17.99, Boots – buy now

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