Blokes shame catfish girlfriends with 'what I ordered v what I got' trend showing them glammed up – then at their worst

WE’RE all guilty of using the occasional filter, or photoshopping out a blemish or two but according to these blokes, their girlfriends have gone to the extreme.

A new TikTok trend has seen men share the stunning Insta-glam shots of their model-worthy girlfriends before they met, compared to how they look now that they’ve ‘settled down.’

Each video is accompanied by a voiceover which says, “Ugh waiter I ordered this, I don’t know what I got.”

Each video begins with the bloke’s 'catfish' wife or girlfriend looking their best compared to them in their loungewear, normally enjoying a snack.

Francesca Farago, who appeared on Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle, was one of the first to hop on board the trend.

She shared a video of her boyfriend comparing a glamour shot to her kicking back with a facemask and a bag of crisps in bed.

And it seems that even angels have their bad days with Victoria’s Secret angel Romee Strijd sharing a snap of her high fashion headshot compared to her with a milk moustache.

Meanwhile Anna Von Klinski was a far cry from her blow-dried profile picture as she chowed down on bread sticks.


Model Xlaeta proved herself to be a fan of a different sort of two piece as she slipped into joggers and enjoyed a game on her Nintendo Switch.

Plus Jay Harpy was unrecognisable from her wedding photo as she dug into a jar of Nutella, unaware her husband was watching on.

But while the videos have mainly been shared by the women themselves, many have been quick to criticise the trend, with viewers arguing that the women are just as beautiful when stripped back.

Commenting, one wrote: “What you got is better than what you ordered.”

“You got LUCKY is what you got,” agreed another, while a third wrote, “This is just mean.”

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