Beauty fan gets rinsed for showing off the gruelling process she goes though to get her huge eyelash infills replaced | The Sun

THEY say there's no pain without beauty.

But one woman has taken things to a whole new level by revealing the gruelling process she goes through to get her huge eyelash infills replaced.

In a video shared to Facebook by Organic Skincare By Sue’s Glow, the client can be seen laying on a beauty table as the lash technician demonstrates the exact process involved in having a 28mm lash fill in.

Firstly, the customer has a removal product applied onto her existing false lashes to help displace the old false lashes.

Two under eye pads are then placed underneath each eye to secure the bottom lashes down, before tape is used to lift up the eyelids.

Individual lashes are then carefully applied using a pair of tweezers, and a setting spray is used to ensure the lashes won't budge.

At the end of the video, the client can be seen with huge, fluffy eyelashes.


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The post has since received a whopping 3,800 comments from social media users – with the results having very mixed reviews.

"All that process just to stop seeing properly," wrote one.

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A second commented: ""How can you see with those, my eyes are paining just watching."

A third penned: "Why do some women stress with artificial beauty???"

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Meanwhile, a fourth quipped: "This is crazy lol, who pays for such pain and discomfort?"

A further asked: "Why an earth would you want to look like you had the sweepings of a hairdresser's floor stuck to your eyes?!"

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Another joked: "I hope they don't live in a windy city!"

And a further added: "She can sweep the entire floor."

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