Beauty expert gives her client a permanent cut crease tattoo on her eyelids – and people are all saying the same thing | The Sun

A BEAUTY tech has gone viral after giving a client a permanent cut crease tatt on her eyelids – but people are not so impressed.

From microblading to lip tattoos, semi-permanent make-up has become all the rage in the recent years, with celebrities and influencers alike rocking Instagram-ready brows 24/7.

Perhaps realising the growing demand, one US-based beauty whizz, Naimee Saephan (@forevernaimee) has decided to upload snippets showcasing her work on TikTok.

Although Naimee, who also now gives lessons to fellow beauty enthusiasts, is known for her bright lip pigment tattoos and brow corrections, it seems that one procedure in particular has raised a few eyebrows on social media.

The unusual service gives make-up lovers permanent cut crease tattoo on their eyelids, with Naimee carefully making numerous tiny marks on the skin.

The ink guru, from North Carolina, shared the demo video on the internet, claiming that there was no blood involved.

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''I work very superficial so the needle enters the epidermis of the eye and not the dermis (where the veins lie) so no bleeding.''

But despite and unfortunately to the woman, who charges more than £740 for the service, it wasn't a hit amongst the 1.2million viewers.

For the most part, many were shocked and couldn't understand why someone would agree to this in the first place.

''when will we leeeearn [sic],'' a person wondered.

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''I refuse to believe that everyone who gets this doesn’t eventually regret it,'' another commented.

''won't you get sick of the cut crease eventually though?'' a third pointed out.

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Someone else chuckled: ''Laser clinics are gonna be so busy in a year or two.''

After going viral and being met with criticism, Naimee uploaded a follow-up video, revealing what the ink looked like after it had healed.

In fact, the artist was so proud of her work, she was convinced it was going to be the next big thing everyone's talking about.

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''Cut Crease Eyeliner Tattoo is going to be the next hottest service,'' the woman stated in the caption.

However, whilst some loved the permanent eyelid tattoo and described it as ''pretty'', for many the answer was still a resounding ''no''.

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