Baffling optical illusion tricks you into seeing colour in a black-and-white picture and it’s ‘breaking people’s brains’

THIS mind-boggling optical illusion tricks you into seeing colour in a black-and-white image and it's "breaking people's brains."

Dr Julie Smith is a psychologist and shared the baffling illusion on TikTok where she explains exactly how brains can see things that aren't actually there.

In the clip, which starts as black-and-white footage, Julie sits in a garden with a cross placed on her forehead as she explains exactly how the experiment works.

She says: "Now this video is in black and white, but when you play it back it will be in full colour."

She says to focus on the cross which is on her head throughout the entire time you watch the clip.

By doing this, she says: "Your brain is going to do something incredible, overexposing certain receptors in your eyes to colours causes the brain to see inverted colours when the black and white image appears.


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"Even when it changes, keep focusing on the cross. Are you ready?"

As she's explaining the clip turns from black-and-white to showing a strange coloured filter.

When you see the black-and-white image again, Julie says it should appear in full colour – and it's blowing people's minds.

One person wrote: "Uh oh. I think my brain is broken."

While another viewer shared: "That freaked me out so bad! As long as I kept focusing on the x I saw colour for almost the entire black and white part."

In the caption, Dr Julie wrote: "Did you see colour? How long for & what stood out most?

"Try it with the brightness turned up for max effect!"

So what do you see?

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