ASOS has come up with a genius hack for turning normal socks into ‘no show’ socks to help combat sweaty summer feet – The Sun

EVER worn the wrong style socks for your shoes and found yourself in a dilemma?

Asos has shared a genius hack for turning your normal socks into invisible ‘no show’ socks that aren't visible above your shoes.

The clothing retailer shared the handy hack on their Instagram page and it has racked up over 410,000 views and numerous comments from amazed fashionistas.

They captioned the video: “Fashion hack alert. Caught out with the wrong socks? Try this.”

The clever video showed a woman starting off with a pair of normal neon pink socks that would clearly be visible with her silver, metallic loafer shoes.

She then pulls down the sock over her toes as if she was taking them off, so only the tip is still attached to her foot.

Next she wraps the top of the sock under her foot and secures over heel.

Voila! She’s created hidden pop socks that aren’t seen when she puts on her shoes.

The handy hack appears to best work with tight, thin socks that can easily fold over and fit inside your shoes – but could help you out in a tricky situation.

Many Asos followers were quick to praise the sock tip and said they’d try it themselves.

One wrote: “Mind blown, life changed.”

Meanwhile, another added: “This is revolutionary.”

But not everyone was sure that it would work for them, with one person writing: “I’m not convinced it will stay there.”

And someone added: “There is no way your socks are not going to slip down into your shoe.”


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