Argos is selling half Christmas trees for £40 – and they’re a must if you have naughty pets – The Sun

IT'S HARD to ward off feeling like Scrooge when your cheeky cat has toppled your Christmas tree for the umpteenth time.

Lucky then, that Argos have come up with a genius solution.

Their half Christmas trees are the perfect way to retain that festive feeling – even around the naughtiest of pets.

The popular chain's faux pine offering is an impressive six foot.

What's more, the first branches begin at 93cm – keeping baubles and tinsel out of reach of cats and dogs, as well as other little human threats like babies and toddlers.

If you don't have any of the above to worry about, they will actually slot into your living room more easily than the traditional versions since they can be tucked into corners or behind sofas.

  • Argos Home 6ft Half Parasol Christmas Tree, £40, Argos – buy here

All of which means that, come Christmas day, your tree should still be in fairly good nick.

There are two designs available – an original green, or one that looks like it's been sprinkled in snow.

The former costs just £40, while the latter is slightly more at £45.

Once you've picked one up from store, you'll be able to construct it in no time.

When should you put your Christmas tree up?

  • In Victorian times, Christmas trees were put up on the afternoon of Christmas Eve, but in today’s day and age, this would be considered far too late.
  • In modern times, trees are generally put up at the beginning of December as Brits get themselves into a festive mood.
  • According to the British Christmas Tree Growers Association (BCTGA), it is fine to get trees up from December 1 onwards, but the middle of the festive season is a good compromise to ensure they don't shed their needles early.
  • There are those among us who like to get their decorations up as soon as Halloween is out of the way – but for the majority of the British public, this is taking it a bit too far.
  • Some people put their trees up at the beginning of Advent –the fourth Sunday before Christmas so for 2018, this date would be December 2.
  • In some communities, it is tradition to put up the Christmas tree on December 6, in honour of Saint Nicholas Day.
  • For traditionalists, the correct time to put up the Christmas tree is 12 days before Christmas Day, on December 13, 2018.

All you need to do is slot the pieces together, pull out the hinged branches and fluff out the artificial needles.

Leaving a review online, one person wrote: "I've been looking for a tree like this for ages. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and I can't wait to get it out and decorate it.

"It's a perfect size and height but it's still space saving without losing any of the effect. Very sturdy."

Another commented: "Love this tree easy to put up and really effective, had lots of compliments. Easy to dress and looked good just with lights."

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