American living in the UK shares the British phrases she CANNOT stand and gets utterly rinsed in the process | The Sun

AN AMERICAN woman who's lived in the UK for some time has listed the four British phrases she hates – but the response is not the one she was after.

TikTok user Megan (@megsgonerogue) is an American originally from North Dakota, who now spends her days in London.

But while the capital city has plenty to offer, there are a few things that Megan hasn't grown particularly fond of – and British slang is one of them.

In fact, some are so bad, she said they gave her ''the ick''.

Perhaps desperate for the UK public to change their vocabulary, the woman took to TikTok to list the phrases she's not a fan of.

''Most British words and phrases that I've encountered here are adorable.

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''And also, you know, everything's cuter in a British accent, to be honest,'' she chuckled in the now-viral video.

''But there are a few that disgust me.''

One of these, she noted, is ''picky bits''.

''They use this to mean like finger foods or like a platter of food where you can just take parts that you want.''

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Sharing her verdict on the phrase, Megan said: ''I just think that's a really disgusting way to say like a food platter or finger food.''

However, this, she reckoned, wasn't even the worst one – ''cuddle'' was right up there.

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''Now, this is not when you're with your partner and one's big spoon, one's little spoon […] – this is when people call a hug, a regular hug, a cuddle.

''I will not give you a cuddle until you just call it a hug – then we'll talk about it.''

Number three on her list was ''goose pimples'', something she had observed some people saying instead of goose bumps.

''Why you gotta say pimple? Like, you don't. You really don't.''

Last up was ''front bottom'' – and Megan appeared to be baffled.

''This is what some people call lady parts… A front bottom.''

She went on to add in the caption: ''I love most British words and phrases. Just not these.''

But unfortunately for the American, she ended up getting completely rinsed by social media users.

One wondered: ''How is finger foods better than picky bits ???''

Someone else hit back: ''Goose pimples is the American version no? We say goosebumps!! Also, picky bits foreeeeeveeeeer [sic].''

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''Coming from a country who calls HERBS erbs,'' a third chuckled.

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