Abercrombie & Fitch Just Launched a Shoe Collection With Zappos

In case you missed it, the Abercrombie & Fitch of 2021 isn't the same one of the early aughts and tens that featured nearly dark stores filled with overly-airbrushed models and logo-heavy designs. Much like a phoenix rising from the ashes of the heyday of mall culture, the brand is now a one-stop shop known for reliable basics and inclusive sizing. 

In fact, its denim has become something of a viral TikTok phenomenon among an entirely new generation who didn't wear its lower than low silhouettes the first go around. And now, it's continuing that comeback tour with an exclusive partnership with Zappos. 

Aside from the inclusion of its iconic denim collection, the collaboration also marks the brand's first footwear capsule collection — and it's one that's filled with fall-ready ankle booties, strappy minimalist heels, and even a pair of comfortable sneakers you'll want to add to your own shoe collection ASAP.  

While the exclusive launch lacks the moose logo-stamped rubber sandals of days gone by, the eight-piece footwear capsule does have a little bit of something for everyone. From its 70s' reminiscent Vivianne style block heel boots in white leather to chic combat boots more likely to have been spotted on a Hot Topic employee than in Abercrombie, the collection pairs together timeless silhouettes with high-quality design to create styles you'll wear for years to come. 

And because each shoe in the collection is designed to correlate with a popular Abercrombie & Fitch denim style, it's meant to evoke the seamless and effortless look the brand is all about. Under each shoe, you'll find specific suggestions of which legendary denim silhouette will pair best with it. 

While not every beloved mall brand has been able to adapt to a new decade, it's safe to say Abercrombie & Fitch is doing it and doing it well. Head to Zappos.com and Abercrombie.com to shop the exclusive collection in its entirety.

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