A Karen at the pool said I 'shouldn't be wearing a bikini like that,' but I have confidence and put in hard work | The Sun

ONE woman revealed that a Karen took great issue with her wearing a bikini poolside.

She remained unphased though, simply crediting her ability to do so to her sheer confidence and hard work.

"When Karen at the pool says 'you're a mom, you shouldn't be wearing a bikini like that,'" Rose (@shelbyrosedoyle) revealed what a Karen said to her in a TikTok video.

It was clear as day that she doesn't seem to care much about other people's opinions, and she showed this through great sarcasm.

Using her fingers, Rose mimicked playing a tiny violin while a sad tune from Eminem's "Stan" played in the background.

The dark-haired beauty looked completely unbothered and was all smiles while sitting before the camera in a black bikini.

"Confidence and hard work sis," she affirmed in her caption, solidifying that she could wear whatever she wants.

Her comments section was flooded with support

"As a fellow mom, if I had your bod I might be in an even smaller bikini," one person quipped.

"Did someone really say that??Sounds like jealousy," another suggested.

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"They’re just mad they don’t look that good after having kids," a third added.

"Moms can wear whatever they want," someone else said firmly.

An additional viewer was more distracted by Rose's inking and felt compelled to compliment her tattoo.

"Off topic but I love your tattoo," they wrote.

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