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CUTTING cake is known to be a messy affair – there's even a whole wedding tradition based around it.

If it's not your wedding day and you'd like to avoid a messy cleanup, then use this bathroom essential to neatly cut your cake.

TikTok account Problem Solved released a tutorial on how to cut a cake with as little cleanup as possible.

"Cutting a cake with a knife, all that frosting gets really messy. And many blades aren’t long enough for one clean cut," said the host of the video.

Simply take some non-flavored dental floss and "wrap around your finger just like you were flossing your teeth."

"One clean cut all the way through, and to avoid any mess, slide it on out," he said, demonstrating to his TikTok followers.

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He admired the "clean" edges of his slice and joked: "Now you can tell your dentist you flossed before and after dessert."

The comments section went crazy for the unique hack. One user called the host an "epic genius."

Another comment said: "Very smart !! That is awesome."

A third person questioned how using the hack in public would be received.

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"Using a floss at a birthday party would look odd," they said.

Another user joked: "Wrap the floss like a hitman that is about to strangle its target."

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