Zara McDermott speaks out after she’s dubbed ‘fat whale’ by cruel online trolls

Zara McDermott has opened up about the horrific online abuse she’s received from trolls over recent swimwear pictures of her.

The Love Island star said she’s been called a ‘fat whale’ and a ‘hamster’ by bullies who compared her weight before and after her time on the reality show in a mean tweet.

Zara said the comments are particularly hurtful as she was once so concerned about her figure she refused to eat and survived on a diet of carrots before entering the villa.

In an open letter to her critics, shared with the Sun Online , Zara wrote: "To the trolls who posted so many nasty comments about my weight, I want you to know that before being signed to Love Island, I was almost starving myself and eating just a bag of carrots a day."

Zara told how she would flaunt her size 6 figure on Instagram before her reality TV debut but inside she was ‘so unhappy.’

"I wasn’t anorexic but hadn’t eaten properly and had been skipping meals for months," she explained.

She also revealed that ahead of Love Island she was hitting the gym up to four times a week just to make sure she looked good in her bikini on camera.

Zara said at her lowest point her friends took her to a supermarket and begged her to pick something to eat.

"They encouraged me to go for a protein shake or something nutritious, but I opted for a small bag of carrots. I forced myself to snack on them because hunger and anxiety had made me feel so sick," she said.

During her time on the ITV2 dating show Zara fell for lothario Adam Collard and the pair have been together ever since.

"I’m so happy with Adam yet I’ve never received so much hate over my body," Zara said.

But despite being comfortable with moving from a size 6 to a 10, Zara has come under fire from hateful bullies calling her a ‘hamster’, ‘whale’ and a ‘unit’ she revealed.

Zara is refusing to let the body-shamers knock her confidence, revealing she’s enjoying life with her new boyfriend and will continue to speak up against online bullies.

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