Yung Bleu’s BM Accuses Him of Keeping Son From Her

Internet users, however, don’t seem to sympathize with Yung Blue’s baby mama as she complains about double-standard and how ‘society is so brainwashed’ in a follow-up Instagram post.

AceShowbizYung Bleu apparently doesn’t have the best relationship with the mother of his child. On Thursday, August 19, his baby mama took to her Instagram account to accuse the rapper of keeping their son from her during her time of mourning.

Opening her lengthy message, the “You’re Mines Still” rapper’s baby mama, who goes by Shunna Phillips on Instagram, wrote, “@Bleuvandross you’re a whole ***** and a half.” She continued, “The stunt you’re pulling is absolute CLOWN S**t!!!!”

She went on to rant, “You see what I’m going through, you know i’m hurting and how i just lost my mom,” referring to the time when her mom died. “Why would you refuse to let me get my son so can I hug and hold him for comfort.I have nobody by my side right now and it’s so f**ked up.”

Calling him “so cold hearted,” she claimed that the hip-hop star “really hang the phone up in my face after i told him i needed to be close to Corbin.Imagine losing you mom and be treated this way.”

Internet users, however, didn’t sympathize with her. In a separate post, she complained about double-standard and how “society is so brainwashed.” She added, “They only feel a type of way whenever the mom keeps the child from the dad. The mom receives tremendous backlash and called every name in the book. Yet, when the dad does it, they find every excuse in the book to make it seem like it’s ok and justify that wrongdoing.”

Meanwhile, someone else criticized those who were more concerned about Yung Bleu getting the custody of their child, writing, “Why he have the child being the topic is what she means. Nobody questions why a mother has custody. her mom just died and she wanna hold her bby. That’s all I need to see for her to get a prayer from me. May the lord bless her heart regardless of their situation she’s obviously hurting and mourning.”

Yung Blue has yet to comment on the accusation.

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