Yes, Even Eva Mendes Still Spazzes at the Sight of Ryan Gosling: "Look at Him!"

Even after eight years, Eva Mendes is still stunned by the sight of Ryan Gosling. The actress recently appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show, where she spoke about how she and Ryan are raising their two daughters. (They prefer a “bulldozing” parenting style, by the way.) A particularly sweet moment, however, happened when one of the rare photos of Eva and Ryan together flashed on the screen.

“Oh my god, that’s so old,” Eva said of the photo taken at the 2012 premiere for The Place Beyond the Pines, the film that introduced the couple. She added, “That’s literally me going, ‘I’m not in love with him. I’m not in love with him. What?’ We were just trying to be very professional.” Eva then proceeded to simply gaze upon Ryan’s face — which, same — as she exclaimed: “Look at him though!” Watch the highly relatable interview above.

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