Woman Catfished By Fake 'Stranger Things' Star Dacre Montgomery, Sent Him $10k

A woman’s life turned upside-down when she sent a bunch of money to one of the stars from “Stranger Things” … and even divorced her husband because the “actor” told her to.

McKayla, a single mom from Kentucky, claims she was catfished and scammed out of $10k by someone who claimed to be Dacre Montgomery — known for playing heartthrob-turned-villain, Billy Hargrove, in the Netflix series.

She shared her wild experience on the YouTube channel, Catfished, saying the 2 met on an online forum and chatted for a year before he asked her to be his girlfriend — for reference, McKayla was still married, but claimed her relationship with her husband was toxic.

BTW, the real Dacre has been dating model Liv Pollock since 2017, but that bit of crucial info didn’t seem to stop McKayla from thinking this was legit. He told her to choose between her husband and him … and shockingly enough, she ditched her husband!

He also told her he couldn’t access any of his bank accounts, saying they were all controlled by Liv … which led to her sending the $10k of gift cards, crypto, and cash through payment apps over time.

For those unaware, this type of thing is often referred to as a “romance scam” — finding someone emotionally vulnerable and gaining their trust, getting them to send money through unconventional ways like gift cards, often to hide a paper trail.

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