Wendy Williams Is Upset With Adam Levine After His Controversial Elimination On ‘The Voice’

Wendy Williams is team DeAndre Nico, despite the singer being eliminated on ‘The Voice’ during Tuesday’s episode! And, she’s not happy with how Adam Levine didn’t campaign for his artist! Here’s how she would’ve handled it…

Who knew Wendy Williams, 54, was a fan of The Voice? Well, that could be subject to question after Adam Levine, 39, seemingly favored one of his artists over the other during Tuesday’s controversial episode. Incase you didn’t watch, Levin found himself in  tough position when two of his artists —Reagan Strange and DeAndre Nico — were in the bottom three. This meant that America had to vote on the spot to keep one artist and eliminate the other two. Blake Shelton’s team member, Dave Fenley was the third artist.

But, before America could vote, all three artists had one more chance to sing in hopes of persuading viewers to keep them in the competition to move onto the Semifinals. Unfortunately, Reagan was too sick to perform, and had to watch from the audience, hoping her fans would vote her through, regardless. when Levine had his chance to speak, he did something quite shocking. While he did praise DeAndre for giving a great performance, he used up most of his time to urge viewers to vote for Reagan.

After the performances, Levine had the chance to address his artists one last time before the results. He explained that since he has two daughters at home, he simply couldn’t fathom the idea of not letting the young female singer, Reagan have a fair shot in the competition. So, he begged voters to give her another chance to come back and prove herself next week. However, in the process of campaigning for Reagan, he angered many fans by only fighting for her and essentially leaving DeAndre on the back burner.

So, Wendy weighed in on Levine’s speech on her show, December 6, and played it back for her audience to hear. After the clip ended, her Wendy watchers could be heard oohing and awing over his kind words to Reagan. But, Wendy quickly put that to an end. “Not ‘aw,’ not ‘aw,’” Wendy yelled to her audience members. She then addressed Levine directly, telling him what she believes he should have done!

“Adam, what you should’ve done was, let the boy win, because he was the one who performed!”, she began. “When they came back from commercial… you [the viewers] fell for his speech and let her stay. Is this a black white thing? I’m not sure. Is she ready to be a pop star in terms of boom, ready? I don’t know. All I know is, Levine, you could have given the boy his just do and then taken her and her family aside and said, ‘Look I’m signing you and we’re going to make something big.’”

Wendy then questioned the authenticity of the show, saying, “Even if the audience did decide to keep her. Something smells really squirmy about this.” She then took a shot at Adam when she told the audience that it’s still unclear if his band, Maroon 5 will be performing at the Super Bowl in 2019. Rumors have swirled that the band will headline the big event. But, this is another level of distaste,” Wendy said of Levine’s actions on The Voice.

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