Watch: Farrah Abraham’s Daughter Blasts Mom for Always Lying and Embarrassing Her

AceShowbizFarrah Abraham and her daughter, Sophia, have always shown their great chemistry whenever and wherever, but it appears that the little girl has had enough of her mom’s behavior. During a recent Instagram Live, the 10-year-old brunette called out the reality TV star for always making up stories about her and embarrassing her on social media.

The mother-daughter duo were seen to be hanging out at a cafe as Farrah commented on Sophia’s recent experiences at an acting class. “Sophia was pretending like she was shy at this acting thing and she got called out,” the former “Teen Mom OG” star shared, before Sophia denied it completely and accused her of lying.

When Farrah insisted that she was telling the truth, Sophia was quick to shut her down, “You just like to lie on social media. And you like to gossip about me on live all the time.” Hearing her daughter’s comment, Farrah appeared to be shocked, but she eventually laughed it off. “Oh, I’m gossiping! I’m a gossip girl!” she said.

The “Ex on the Beach” alum then tried to move on to a new topic, but Sophia refused to do so as saying, “And she likes to embarrass me too.” Acting like she couldn’t believe what her daughter just said, Farrah asked her, “Is that what mom do?” Replying to her in a sarcastic tone, Sophia said, “Yeah, you’re the best mom ever.”

Even though their back-and-forth appeared to be playful, fans couldn’t help but think that Sophia really meant what she said. “Wow…if my 10 year old put ‘Best Mom’ in air quotes I’d probably cry. She is saying she’s not the ‘best mom’ she claims to be. That kid is going to be so messed up,” one social media user said. “I’m glad Sophia is calling her out and finally letting the world know what she really thinks of her mom,” another noted. “Looks like this just the circle of mom/daughter relationship in the Abraham family.”

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