Video: Nipsey Hussle’s Daughter in Good Spirits, Dancing in Car After Public Memorial

AceShowbizNipsey Hussle‘s daughter Emani seems to have found comfort in her father’s music after his tragic death. The 10-year-old girl was seen dancing in a car, shortly after the Celebration of Live memorial service for the slain rapper on Thursday, April 11.

In a video taken by a fan and shared on Instagram, Emani appeared to be in good spirits, moving her hands to her father’s music, which was played by mourners who filled the streets to celebrate Nipsey’s legacy. She was sitting in the backseat of a black Rolls Royce with lowered windows.

Emani is Nipsey’s first child, whom he shares with ex-girlfriend Tanisha. A woman, possibly Emani’s mother Tanisha, was sitting in the front passenger seat while waving a black flag in the clip.

Many are relieved to see Emani’s smiles in the video, which was reportedly taken as Nipsey’s family was heading to his final resting place, on Crenshaw and Slausen. “Glad to see,” wrote an Instagram user who posted the video online.

“I’m happy to see that don’t let nothing get to uu in your daddy in a better place bby rip to your dad,” another commented on the video. Someone else added, “So glad to see his daughter in great spirits.”

Meanwhile, her mother’s tribute to Nipsey was not responded well by his fans. Tanisha wrote, “I LOVE YOU ERMY U NO WHEN IM MAD AT YOU ITS ERMIAS Joseph I love you so much,” along with a picture of her with the “They Roll” hitmaker and their daughter.

Some people accused her of being disrespectful, because Nipsey was engaged to Lauren London at the time of his death and Tanisha has reportedly dated several other guys after their split. The critics were also not impressed that Tanisha used Nipsey’s last name on her Instagram and Facebook account.

“This whole caption is disrespectful. Her IG name is disrespectful. Her Facebook name is disrespectful,” someone wrote on her Instagram page. “She has a whole boyfriend and is using Nipsey’s govt last name and his stage name for what reason??? They weren’t together. This is ratchet and messy af! Idc what y’all say.”

Another remarked, “No one is saying she shouldn’t feel something for him but her choice of words are insensitive to his current situation.” Someone else blasted Tanisha, “Face it people. She uses ‘hussle’ and aasghedom’ on Facebook because she’s messy and wants to keep a connection for publicity purposes. No one wants a loose cannon on stage. This is pathetic and ghetto.”

Tanisha seems to have a close relationship with Nipsey’s family even after they broke up. While she didn’t appear to be present as the memorial service last week, she was mentioned in the obituary by Adam Andebrhan. “He had a beautiful daughter, Emani Dior, with his love Tanisha,” so read part of the obituary.

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