Tyra Banks Freestyle Raps at 2018 Altus Foundation Gala in Houston

Tyra Banks‘ new rap persona was front and center just days after she dove head first into the hip-hop world — and even without a clean verse on hand … she’s low-key nice.

The supermodel-turned-MC was hosting the Altus Foundation Gala in Houston Saturday, where we’re told she expertly bought some stage time for a delayed act by freestyle rapping. And, when we say freestyle, we literally mean off-the-dome flows — not those perfectly delivered ciphers you hear on radio shows (which are often pre-written).

Here’s just a taste of Tyra off the cuff:

I’m 34, aye (A?), but that’s okay

‘Cause the rest of my body is just touche 

I’m 5 foot 9, I look so fine 

Yes all my fellas are so divine

As we reported … Tyra’s rap game is being compared to that of Nicki Minaj and Cardi B after releasing her new “Life-Size 2” music video, where she’s in full trap mode and dropping bars.

This all seems to be in good fun, though — so no harm, no foul. Side note … did Tyra B make her boobs 4 sizes too small, or do we just not know the difference between A and aye?

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