Tubi Super Bowl Commercial Fooled Millions of Fans During Game

The Super Bowl gets some of the best commercials of the year, but one was a little too good … because it had millions of viewers losing their minds, thinking they were missing the big game!!!

The Tubi commercial aired during Sunday night’s big game and if you missed it — consider yourself lucky ’cause it had households across the country reaching for their remotes and freaking out.

The ad, officially called “Interface Interruption”, featured Fox sports commentators Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen — y’know the guys calling the actual Super Bowl — so, most fans figured they were really welcoming everyone back from a commercial break.

But then, while the 2 guys were talking, the screen looked like someone was messing around with the remote and scrolled to the Tubi app to watch “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”.

Of course, the ad made fans everywhere think someone in their house was fumbling with the remote to watch the flick during the intense Super Bowl game😂

By the end, you could tell it was just an ad for the streaming service (owned by FOX, BTW) — not some kid sitting on the remote — and fans were returned to the real game with Kevin and Greg really calling the action.

Crisis averted, but talk about a memorable commercial!!

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