Trevor Noah Addresses Supposed ‘Beef’ With Kanye West On The Daily Show Amid The Rapper's Controversies

Trevor Noah is addressing the alleged “beef” between him and Kanye West!

As you may recall, the 38-year-old comedian had been one of the main targets for Ye when he called out the 45-year-old rapper for “harassing” his ex-wife Kim Kardashian on social media earlier this year. Kanye ended up using a racial slur aimed at Trevor in a since-deleted Instagram post, resulting in his account being temporarily suspended. (His account was unblocked before Insta restricted it again this month after he posted some antisemitic remarks.) It was a messy situation at the time, to say the least.

So where do Trevor and Kanye stand months later? Shockingly enough, when Trevor answered an audience member’s question about the supposed feud between him and Kanye during The Daily Show, the political commentator made it clear there is no bad blood between them right now! He said in a video posted to TikTok on Friday:

“Why am I beefing with Kanye? That’s an interesting way to phrase it because a beef has to go both ways. Genuinely it does. In my limited understanding of the world, beef has always been something that generally will happen between two hip-hop artists. I’ve never beefed with Kanye West. I was concerned about Kanye West.”

Recently, Kanye has been in hot water for making false claims about the death of George Floyd, wearing the white supremacist hate slogan “White Lives Matter” on a t-shirt, and making several antisemitic comments on Twitter and in interviews – including on Piers Morgan Uncensored, Tucker Carlson Tonight, and the Drink Champs podcast. On the show, Trevor mentioned how considering Kanye has admitted to having mental health struggles in the past, he is primarily frustrated with the rapper continuing to have a platform to voice his problematic comments:

“If somebody says to me that they have a mental health issue, and they say to everyone that when they don’t take their medication, they’re unable to control themselves. And then everyone ignores when that person is having an episode and they haven’t taken the medication and then they platform the person and put them up. … I sometimes think it’s a little s****y, to be honest with you.”

Recalling how his grandfather had dealt with bipolar disorder, Trevor said he often would “act in a certain way and could do certain things” during an episode. He then noted how it is “strange” some are more concerned about “going viral” with Kanye’s comments, adding:

“I don’t have beef with a human being who has expressed openly that they’re dealing with a mental health issue. I don’t have beef with that human being. What I have beef with is us as a society not coming together around the person and going like, ‘Hey, maybe this is not the moment to put a microphone in your face so that you just go off saying everything.’ If this is what you want to say when you’re on your medication, then that’s a different story. But because you’ve told us that, I’m not going to sit by and say that.”

Trevor concluded:

“I still love him despite the shit that he talks. But I’ve promised myself I’ll never be the person who just sits by and gleefully says things about people that I care about and then also joins the group of mourners afterward and acts like I wasn’t part of it. Too many people like to mourn you when you’re dead, and they don’t say anything to you when you’re alive. So I don’t know where to end. But that’s it.”

What do you think about Trevor’s take on the Kanye situaion, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments. You also can ch-ch-check out his entire speech (below):

“I was never beefing with Kanye West, I was concerned about Kanye West.” Trevor on his “beef” with Ye. #BetweenTheScenes #foryoupage #fyp #DailyShow #kanyewest #ye #kanye

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