Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott consider downsizing to 8.5k/month house

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are house hunting. Last week they were seen looking at an open house in Calabasas, presumably for sale, and at a rental home in Tarzana about twenty minutes away. (Radar reports it like it’s the same house, but it looks different in the photos and they list it in another location.) Tori and Dean’s money issues run so deep that their assets were seized by the federal government and they’ve been sued by multiple creditors. Plus Dean owes over six figures in back child support. Tori has made it clear that she loves big homes, she grew up in the biggest home in LA County after all, and why should she change? So they’re looking for a home with enough bedrooms for all five of their kids. Radar Online points out that the rental home they toured, which costs $8,500, is actually $2,000 a month cheaper than the massive home they’re renting now. I guess Tori’s mom pays for it. Candy has said she pays all Tori’s bills.

If I could afford to rent a house for $5,000 a month, even with a partner, I would consider myself rich and massively successful. It feels luxurious to me to rent a house in my small town considering some of the roach-infested apartments I’ve had where you can hear neighbors walking upstairs. If I was in a city or a more affluent area I would be in an apartment again and there’s no shame in that. There is shame in living like Tori and Dean when you owe hundreds of thousands to creditors and have had years to get your sh-t together. They just feel entitled to this lifestyle. I guess Tori has the 90210 reboot coming up so she’s spending that paycheck already. Maybe she thinks it’s ok since she’s saving money if they move. I can’t imagine considering an $8,500 a month 3,500 square foot home with a pool and three bedrooms “downsizing” but grifters are going to grift.

Note that I have considered whether Radar is totally wrong about this house as it looks like a different house than the one they were photographed outside. If that’s the case, they were still touring a house for sale like they’re going to buy one.

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