Tom Zanetti confirms he’s single as he gears up for a big year releasing music

Tom Zanetti’s latest single might be about finding a “wifey for lifey”, but the 32-year-old tells us that he’s very much single at the moment.

“I’m not with anyone at all,” he insists. But that’s not to say the DJ is short of admirers since splitting last year from Made in Chelsea’s Sophie Hermann, who he met on Celebs Go Dating.

In fact, Tom is arguably one of the music scene’s most eligible bachelors thanks to his rapidly rising popularity. His music has taken the UK by storm in recent years, with chart-topping singles, plus he’s been a regular in fashion campaigns and reality TV shows.

Here, he tells us what he has in store for 2022…

Hi Tom! Is your new single, Wifey, inspired by someone in your life at the moment?

Unfortunately not, no. I wish it was! I’m not with anyone at all. That song actually came out years and years ago and was a big hit up north, so I wanted to remake it. It was something that I really liked as a kid so I wanted to do an updated version of that.

What else can fans expect to hear from your sound this year?

I’m going to go back to what I enjoy. I’ve got my own record label, Sic Records, and we’ve signed a deal with Warner, which is going to enable to me to start putting out music that I really enjoy making. I’m not going to be making commercial stuff to fit with the label that I was with before, so expect a lot of underground music, deep, groovy stuff.

Sounds good! You talk a lot about your relationships in your music. How do you deal with heartbreak?

It depends which type of heartbreak. If I ended up leaving a relationship because it was becoming toxic, that’s even harder to get over because you’ve really tried to make someone happy and you put so much effort into something that’s gone wrong.

Usually, what I try my best to do is a fast-track recovery. I completely cut it off. I don’t speak to them again and I don’t put stuff on social media. Last time I was heartbroken I didn’t speak to any other girls. I didn’t entertain anyone. I didn’t go near girls for at least four months because I knew that was going to be me acting out of heartbreak and that makes me feel worse. I stayed fresh and kept busy, and then after that I went wild!

Does music help you in those situations?

I’m a very emotional person, so I use music to inspire me. I write a lot of poems and songs that I just never release.

You’ve done your fair share of reality TV. Would you do more?

I really enjoyed Celebs Go Dating. It was absolutely one of the best things I’ve ever done. I get asked every year to do a lot of shows but none have ever really been right.

I would love to do Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins. I’d love to challenge myself and do something really gruelling. I’d also love to do the I’m A Celebrity jungle, but I don’t think I’d do another dating show.

Tom’s latest single Wifey is out now.

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