This Is Why Dean McDermott Can’t File for Divorce From Tori Spelling Despite ‘Messy’ Marriage

The ‘Dead Again in Tombstone’ actor reportedly is ‘happy’ to spend his time in Canada because he is ‘ready to be done with his marriage’ to the ‘BH90210’ alum.

AceShowbizDean McDermott reportedly is ready to pull the plug on his “messy” marriage to Tori Spelling. Despite wanting to get divorced from the “BH90210” alum, the “Dead Again in Tombstone” actor has yet to submit his divorce filing because he “can’t afford the expensive split.”

“Tori and Dean are totally stuck together right now. Neither of them can afford to go through divorce proceedings,” a source additionally told The Sun. “They have five kids and a ton of pets… Their home is always a disaster- it’s just a total mess. Right now divorce isn’t on the horizon because they can’t swing it financially. They are in a living nightmare.”

A separate source, meanwhile, previously spilled to the publication that Dean was “happy to be going away [to Canada] and he was ready to be done with his marriage when he returned.” However, once he’s back in the U.S., he was welcomed with “bills that had piled up. And a lot of those bills are in part because they have so many pets.”

Dean and Tori reportedly still sleep in separate beds. “They don’t share a bedroom. They are sort of stuck. He financially can’t afford to really move out right now,” the insider explained.

The couple sparked split rumors in early June. At that time, the mother of five was caught on camera without her wedding ring on during a Los Angeles outing. She also removed the word “wife” from her Instagram bio, leaving it to say, “Actress/Mother/Writer/DIYer.”

Tori even confirmed that she and Dean no longer slept in the same bed. When appearing on SiriusXM’s “Jeff Lewis Live”, she divulged that “right now [her] kids and dogs sleep in [her] bed,” while her husband was sleeping in “a room.”

It was unclear what led to the alleged split. However, Tori and Dean have been having financial problems for months. A debt collector even started the process of seizing her assets over a $6,000 judgment stemming from an unpaid credit card bill.

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