‘The Voice’ Recap: The Top 10 Perform To Stay In The Competition & The Tears Were Flowing

The top 10 artists take the stage for live performances on tonight’s episode of ‘The Voice’! Who will make the Semi-Finals? — Two singers brought the audience to tears! Check out our recap, and bring the tissues!

We’re officially down to the top 10 on The Voice! During last week’s elimination show (Tuesday, November 27), Lynnea Moore (Team Kelly), The Comeback Stage artist, was sent home after America saved Team Adam’s DeAndre Nico. As for who is safe? — The official top 10 includes: Team Blake’s Dave Fenley, Chris Kroeze, and Kirk Jay; Team Adam’s Reagan Strange and DeAndre Nico; Team Kelly’s Chevel Shepherd, Kymberli Joye, and Sarah Grace; Team Jennifer’s MaKenzie Thomas and Kennedy Holmes;

Tonight, the top 10 will take the stage for the continue portion of the last leg of the competition — The Live Broadcasts. As you may know, the artists will continue to perform a song (live) each week, and be narrowed down through America’s votes until a season 15 winner is crowned. The two contestants with the lowest number of votes will be sent home.

Kennedy Holmes (Team Jennifer): She kicked off the night with an epic rendition of “Me Too” by Meghan Trainor. She turned her performance up a notch by singing and dancing. The coaches were in awe. “You never disappoint,” Jennifer Hudson said.

Reagan Strange (Team Adam): The 14-year-old hit the stage to belt out “Cry” by Faith Hill. Her voice sounded incredible. Blake Shelton told her that she did a “great job” and admitted he’s still upset over Reagan not picking him as her coach. “I’m still not over that,” he said.

Sarah Grace (Team Kelly): The 16-year-old blues singer pulled out all the stops for this week’s performance by playing the trumpet. It was an idea that Kelly said was all Sarah Grace. She added that it was the coolest idea she’s been presented during her time on the show. Sarah Grace put a completely different spin on her rendition of “Amazing Grace”. Per usually, Sarah Grace shut it down with her performance. The trumpet solo at the end of the song solidified her spot in the competition, and the judges praised her.

Kymberli Joye (Team Kelly): The Gospel singer picked “Oceans (Where My Feet May Fail”) by Hillsong United, because it’s about faith. This is for anybody who feels like they’re struggling to keep their heads above water,” she said. Kelly said she wants to take things from an eight to a 10 — which depends on Kymberli “being emotional enough.” Kelly admitted that Kymberli nailed her challenge with her ability to touch people with her voice. And, the judges followed suit!

Chris Kroeze (Team Blake): The country rocker is someone Blake is an extreme fan of… he’s almost like a son to him. He performed the most near perfect rendition of “Callin’ Baton Rouge” by The Oak Ridge Boys. Blake was almost in tears after — he literally had no words. “I’m so proud,” he was able to say. It really was a special moment.

Dave Fenley (Team Blake): The country soft rock singer performed “When You Say Nothing At All” by Alison Krauss, and it might have been his most emotional performance of the entire competition. Again, Blake was emotional over this one, and extremely impressed by how good Dave is.

DeAndre Nico (Team Adam): DeAndre chooses to perform “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars, and it couldn’t have been a better choice. DeAndre isn’t afraid to be the totally package on stage… “He’s an incredible vocalist, a good looking kid,” he’s not afraid to entertain,” as Adam would put it. Adam said his performance tonight depended on if he can do everything he’s capable of.

Chevel Shepherd (Team Kelly): The 16-year-old powerhouse “can be a country star right now,” as Kelly would put it. She’s that good of a singer that Kelly even said Chevel reminds her of her as a kid. “You’re going to be tired one day,” Kelly joked. Chevel performed “You’re Looking at Country,” an ode to her roots and made it sound more country than the original,” Blake said. Every judge was blown away by her performance, and each judge agreed that she’s “so cute” and “adorable.” On a serious note, Kelly said Chevel has an old school, authentic, Martina McBride, country sound.

Kirk Jay (Team Blake): – The Alabama country singer who admittedly loves to perform emotional songs picks “Tomorrow” by Chris Young. Kirk is the kind of artist that he really has to feel a song and that’s my favorite thing about him. He can’t fake it,” Blake says. And, this is the perfect song choice for him. There may have not been any dry eyes in the place. “That was by far the most pivotal performance of the entire competition,” Blake told Kirk after her made everyone fall of the edge of their seat.

MaKenzie Thomas (Team Jennifer): The Gospel singer steps out of her norm and picks “Because You Loved Me” by Celine Dion’s. “This is the first secular song I performed out of church,” she admits, meaning it’s the first non-gospel song she’s singing outside of church. “She gives the best of both worlds,” Jennifer admitted, explaining that MaKenzie nails the pop side, but also adds the gospel side of her.

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