The Cambridges released their 2021 Christmas card, which was taken in Jordan

Surprise! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have released their Christmas card. The photo was taken on a family trip to Jordan “earlier this year,” according to Kensington Palace. When were they in Jordan? Perhaps they made the trip during their mysterious summer “away” from public events, when Kate managed to not do a damn thing for two months and four days. Or maybe the Jordan vacation was the trip they took in October, when they were mysteriously pap’d at Heathrow. Curious.

Anyway, the Christmas card or holiday card isn’t very Christmas-y. It’s… well, I’m not going to bother trying to describe it. I like that Charlotte and Louis are wearing blues and the kids don’t look hyper-coordinated. Louis is absolutely ALL Middleton, he’s practically got Kate’s whole face. Charlotte looks a lot like her dad in this photo, which is weird because I’ve always thought she took after Carole and Queen Elizabeth. George is cute too. Does he have a Harry-esque gap in his front teeth?

Kate and William touching each other legs… it’s just funny, my goodness. “Look at us, we’re cautiously showing AFFECTION!” I could have gone an entire lifetime without seeing William’s pale-ass legs. And Kate’s wearing a new dress!

Is this better or worse than last year’s WOOD card? And did they have to reveal the card this week because the press was mad that the kids didn’t come to the Christmas carol special?

Card courtesy of Kensington Palace.

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