‘The Bachelor’s Colton Insists His ‘Connection’ With Cassie Is More Than Just ‘Physical’

Colton and Cassie had their first one-on-one on the Feb. 4 episode of ‘The Bachelor,’ and things got very steamy! HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Colton about his ‘connection’ with Cassie after their hot one-on-one date. Watch now!

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph’s one-on-one date took sexy to a whole new level on The Bachelor. Their hot makeout sessions during their Thailand date made it pretty clear they have an amazing physical connection. HollywoodLife asked Colton, 27, about his one-on-one with Cassie, 23, and whether or not he sees more than just a physical chemistry with her. “I think one-on-ones in general, whether you look back at my one-on-one with Elyse [Dehlbom] or you look back on my one-on-one with Hannah [Brown], you could really take the next step in a relationship, and I feel like my relationship with Cassie last night did that,” Colton told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY at the Television Critics Association winter press tour on Feb. 5. “You know, yes, we obviously had a physical connection, but I also think if you watch the dinner portion, too, you see sort of a conversation that was hard for her to talk about. I think that’s what’s interesting [with] all of these one-on-ones… it sort of forces them to get out of their comfort zone, and it also pushes me to get out of mine, too. And, really, you get to know one another, so it’s exciting. The one-on-ones are game-changers.”

Colton did give Cassie a rose at the end of their date, so their one-on-one was clearly a game-changer for him! “It is so easy to be with her,” Colton said during the Feb. 4 episode. While at dinner together, Cassie admitted to Colton that she’s not a virgin. Colton, who has been totally open about his own virginity, was totally accepting of everything Cassie said. “With me, you’re not going to be judged. With me you can feel safe,” he told her. Swoon!

There are still a number of weeks left until the season 23 finale, but Cassie is definitely a frontrunner to win Colton’s heart! The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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