Tayshia Adams is Almost Definitely Engaged. Just Look!

Here comes the bride?

At some point in the nearish future?

This is what many fans of The Bachelorette are now assuming when it comes to Tayshia Adams, who just shared a new photo on Instagram that has all of the Internet buzzing with excitement.

This is the photo right here.

It features Tayshia sipping on a big glass of iced coffee and preparing to record her “Click Bait” podcast… while wearing a diamond ring?!?

We’re not crazy, right? We’re not making this up.

Take a close look at the reality star’s right ring finger and you’ll see a giant rock hanging off of it — that thing has to be a couple carats at least, doesn’t it?!?

Naturally, Adams did not reference this seemingly new piece of expensive jewelry in her caption.

She simply wrote late Tuesday: “New @clickbaitBN being recorded!”

Followers and ABC viewers were only focused on whether or not Tayshia was purposely dropping a major hint about the finale of her Bachelorette season with this snapshot, however.

Despite what she said on air just a couple days ago.

Speaking to former lead JoJo Fletcher about the suitors on Season 16, Adams explained her situation as follows on the latest emotional episode of this beloved franchise:

“I’m not going to get engaged to someone just because it feels right in the moment.”

Adams did also note, though, that she was “falling for multiple people,” which makes her just like every other Bachelor and/or Bachelorette in series history.

Well, except for the woman she replaced.

Clare Crawley only fell for one person (the nerve!) and then got engaged to Dale Moss on episode four and was quickly replaced by Adams.

Now, we have a reason to wonder whether Adams also finds true love on the show and walks away as an engagement woman.

If you’ll recall, Crawley was spotted with a diamond ring on her finger not very long before we witnessed Dale’s proposal on The Bachelorette.

There’s definitely precedent here.

Tayshia, of course, has already been married and divorced and has said this experience colors how she views her romantic future.

“Having been married before, I feel like … I’m not just going to do anything just to do something,” she told Us Weekly before her portion of Season 16 started to air.

“I’m not going to do it because I feel like I need to or do this and that.

“I’m going to do it because it’s the right thing to do, and I’m excited and happy. If it were to happen, it’d be with the right sentiment.”

Tayshia’s ex-husband, Josh Bourelle, filed for divorce in October of 2017 after fewer than two years of marriage.

In their divorce documents, he alleged that the ex-couple had been “living separate lives” since August of 2017.

“It’s not hard at all [to talk about the divorce on The Bachelorette] because it’s definitely something that I’ve experienced in the past and it led me to today,” Tayshia told the aforementioned tabloid.

“But I don’t want it to define me because it doesn’t define me. It’s just something that I grew from and I learned from.”

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Speaking last month to fellow Bachelorettes Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin, Adams emphasized that her goal on the show was not necessarily to earn a proposal.

Explained Tayshia on a podcast:

“I told them, ‘I don’t think I’m gonna get engaged at the end of this, I think I might just leave with a boyfriend or whatever,’ and they [understood] and said, ‘We’re not gonna pressure you to do anything.

“You do what your heart wants, so I didn’t ever really feel that pressure of, ‘Oh my God, I need to find a husband right now.’

“So, I just kind of lived my journey how I wanted to.”

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