Taylor Swift & Matt Healy were a ‘summertime thing’ like Tay & Tom Hiddleston

Given Taylor Swift’s romantic history, I do think it was clear that Matt Healy was around for a good time and not a long time. The vibe was “summer of Tiddlebanging,” only Swealy didn’t even make it through the summer. Now, do I agree with all of the reporting that Matt Healy and Taylor were only a month-long fling? No. I think they were probably hooking up for a while, probably even during her relationship with Joe Alwyn. But Taylor’s PR is absolutely going with “this was just a minor fling,” and wouldn’t you know, Taylor is (you guessed it) a victim here, because Taylor can’t even get d–ked down by a racist dirtbag without everyone freaking out.

Taylor Swift’s fleeting romance with Matty Healy was never anything serious — and we surely won’t be getting any love songs out of it, a source tells Page Six.

“Everyone who really knows her has been saying all along that this was a fun, good time thing that would last as long as it lasted and would be no big deal once it was done,” an insider told us following news of their breakup Monday.

“It’s all stupid,” they said of the media frenzy surrounding the former couple. “She will not be writing albums about this one. It was a summertime thing. Does everyone have amnesia about Tom Hiddleston? Jesus Christ.”

The insider further noted that Swift “can’t have a good time with anyone without the press marrying her off to them. Then when she moves on, they have to basically have her file for divorce.”

Simply put, Swift was just looking for a fun time after her “stifling” relationship with Joe Alwin, whom she split from in April after six years of dating.

“She’s allowed to let off some steam and sew [sic] her oats afterwards without people claiming first that she’s ‘head over heels’ and then that she’s ‘breaking up’ with the guy. It’s not a breakup. It’s a natural evolution of a fun little thing whose moment is over.”

[From Page Six]

Wow, Taylor’s comms team is in real damage control mode. To be fair, I understand how Taylor wanted the ego-boost of a simple little fling after a six-year relationship. The problem was that Taylor and Matt both made it much more complicated. Anyway, I love how the “source” invoked Tom Hiddleston’s name. Poor Hiddles, he was never the same after the summer of 2016. Remember that sad-sack GQ interview he did months afterwards? Will we get the same from Healy?

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