Taylor Swift & Katy Perry: Why Fans Think They May Be Collaborating Less Than 1 Yr. After Ending Feud

Fans have been working to decode a ‘secret meaning’ behind Taylor Swift’s recent pics — and the latest theory is that she could have a Katy Perry collab on the way! Here’s why!

Taylor Swift has had everyone talking with her recent Instagram photos that seemingly came out of nowhere. It all started with a picture of palm trees, captioned with seven palm tree emojis, which she posted on Feb. 24. Fans immediately took that as a hint that her seventh album is on the way, and now, some also think it could be hinting at a Katy Perry collaboration! See, Katy posted a photo of herself in front of some palm trees back on Jan. 30. Meanwhile, the palm tree theme has popped up for Taylor quite a few times over the last couple of years, including via a patch on a camouflage jacket she wore in a photo for her Reputation magazine, released in 2017. That same jacket also included a patch of a flamingo, and Katy recently shared a pic of flamingos on her Instagram Story!

Meanwhile, Ryan Tedder from One Republic also currently has a photo of palm trees as his header on Twitter. Taylor and Ryan have worked together before, and fans think this ‘clue’ could mean he’s producing the possible song with Katy. Obviously, a song featuring Taylor AND Katy would be HUGE…and not just because they’re two of the biggest pop stars on the planet right now. In case you forgot — the ladies have a ROCKY history! It all started when Taylor was promoting her album 1989 in 2014, and she revealed to Rolling Stone that the record featured a song (“Bad Blood”) about another singer who tried to “sabotage [her] entire arena tour.”

Fans quickly got to doing some detective work and discovered that Taylor had some dancers on her Red tour that previously worked with Katy. When Katy extended her own tour, she approached the dancers to come back and hit the road with her, and they left the Red tour to do so. After the interview made headlines, Katy wrote on Twitter, “Look out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing,” and everyone was pretty certain the dig was directed at Taylor.

The beef went on for almost four years, but finally, when Taylor kicked off her Reputation tour in May 2018, Katy extended an olive branch to end their feud — literally. Yes, she sent Taylor a literal olive branch to her dressing room. Taylor posted a video of the sweet gift to her Instagram story with the caption, “Thank you, Katy,” and all was well. Wouldn’t a collaboration be the PERFECT way to prove that these two are REALLY on good terms now!?

Keep in mind, though, that there have been tons of theories floating around ever since Taylor started posting on Instagram again earlier this week. After the palm tree photo came out, Taylor posted another pic of herself sitting on a spiral staircase before heading to some Oscars parties. Fans pointed out that she was sitting on the SIXTH step, and wondered if she could be starting a countdown to a new song or album. The next day, she posted a photo of herself peaking through a fence, which had FIVE holes.

Fans expected this meant a photo with some sort of reference to the number FOUR would pop up on Feb. 26, but sadly, Taylor refrained from posting at ALL. However, on Feb. 27, she was confirmed as the winner of the Best Tour award for the upcoming iHeartRadio Awards on March 14…so it would only make sense for her to have something new to promote when she attends…right?!

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