Tati Gabrielle Talks Growing Up with Zendaya & Kehlani

Tati Gabrielle is opening up about famous friends she used to go to school with!

The 27-year-old actress makes an appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show, airing Monday (March 27) to promote the new season of You.

During her interview, she dished on going to middle school with Zendaya and Kehlani!

See what she said inside…

“I mean, it’s so crazy, like, I mean we talk about it all the time. It’s so wild,” Tati told Jennifer Hudson. “What are the chances. I was talking to Kehlani about it yesterday, she’s like, ‘From middle school to being famous. Let’s go.’ I was like yes!”

“I love just like the support… I’m with Kehlani all the time and just, I often have moments and I’m like, wow. She’s my oldest, oldest friend, 14 years, and to continue to grow together and watch each other shine and glow, it’s just really beautiful,” she continued.

Tati also talked about You, of course, and how it was important for her to ensure that her character didn’t fall into Black horror movie tropes, and the support she had from the showrunner.

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