Taryn Manning Has Fans Concerned with Her ‘Crying for Help’ Post

Orange is the New Black star Taryn Manning posted a troubling message on Instagram in the early morning hours of Thursday (July 25).

The post shared a photo of her and some of her Orange is the New Black co-stars and began, “I love you all so much. Have a great premier tonight. I love this photo. I miss you all so much ❤️ I wish I could be there. Unfortunate uncontrollable circumstances that no one could help with have made it this way. When someone is crying for help from someone who is after your life and soul. Please listen. No one deserves to have another person single handedly ruin their life to the point they are paralyzed and never leave in fear. I tried to tell everyone. No one cared.”

Taryn continued, “Love you #oitnb @oitnb @netflix @lionsgate My heart is broken but I am forever in debt to you for this beautiful show. I love you @ijnej @ttobie @lvinnecour @nerikyle #terrorized #runiedlife.”

She added, “This is for anyone who feels alone, terrorized by cyber criminals, cyber bullying, criminals with the intent to cause others distress and isolate them from life, for people who have lost everything due to another humans mental illness and smear campaigns. This is for you too so you don’t feel so alone. It even happens to people who seemingly have the resources to stop it too. This is for my “team” of agents, managers and lawyers who didn’t do anything to help me. I forgive you though ✝️ I hope you’re happy, you know who you are. And no I am not Suicidal. You wish. I’m crushed and making a point how no one cares when you’re down.”

One of Taryn‘s friends commented, “Babe I tried to text you are you OK” to which she responded, “No.”

Other comments on the post included, “Are you in danger???,” “How can i help you? My ears, arms, and home are open,” and “So sorry you are feeling this way. Shame on anyone who could have helped and didnt.”

We’re sending Taryn Manning love at this time and hope she’s doing okay. Orange is the New Black‘s new season is set to debut tomorrow on Netflix. Taryn portrays the role of Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett on the hit show.

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