Tana Mongeau Opens Up About Waiting To Get Intimate With Jake Paul on ‘Tana Turns 21′

Tana Mongeau opens up on her reality show MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21 about waiting to have sex with Jake Paul, before they were even officially dating.

The 21-year-old YouTube star was speaking with her friends after getting a new piercing, and they talked about her and Jake waiting to hook up.

“We’re both very passionate people,” Tana told her BFFs Ashly Schwan and Imari Stuart. “The other night got hot and heavy, and then I left.”

“[If we hook up], then what? We’re in love?,” Tana added. “Then I might care.”

“We have these deep talks where we’re both… we stop making out, we pull away. We’re like, ‘I don’t know if we should do this,’” she says.

Jake and I are both two very exaggerated, dramatic, crazy people who love to play into sh–. Who love to make things crazy for our viewers. It is weird to decipher what feels real and what doesn’t. When you’re elevating the f— out of something online, but you still really care about each other, you’re kind of like, ‘What’s real and what’s not?”

Also in this episode, Tana finds out that she is being invited to be a featured creator at this year’s 2019 VidCon, despite trying to rival them with TanaCon. Watch now!

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